Porcupine is named after one of the most awe inspiring and iconic places on this planet known as Porcupine Rim near Moab (Utah, USA). Those who navigate Porcupine Rim on their mountain bikes have to deal with many challenges: rocky terrain, exposure, steep slopes, vertical drops, and not the least exposure to the elements. Navigating the rim demands a lot from rider and equipment; from proper planning, preparation, and skills to determination and commitment on the trail. Opportunities to ride clean lines need to be assessed and risks need to be managed. When managed properly it is an opportunity to successfully experience one of the most challenging and rewarding rides there is. 

Making business opportunities successful is like mastering the Rim. Opportunities come with challenges, uncertainties, and risks. Qualified assessments in order to understand the potential value of the opportunity and how to manage it, and evaluation and mitigation of uncertainties and risks are key to being successful. Porcupine is here to help you do just that.      

At Porcupine we believe integration between disciplines, departments, and people is key to get the most value out of projects and organisations. Hence, our focus is to make sure that solutions always fit into the bigger picture and therefore are sustainable.